Over 55’s Drama Workshops with Michael

Over 55’s Drama Workshops with Michael

Every Wednesday Michael runs drama workshops for the over 55’s at Millman Street.  He shares with us what happens in a typical class and – how to play the ‘5 things’ game!   

“I have been an actor and teacher for over 30 years and have been coming to Millman Street to run the Drama classes coming up to 5 years.  

At the start of the class, we do both physical and mental warm-up exercises and games moving onto improvision sometimes and then script work. The drama session can’t help but be very social – you need teamwork to make the activities happen and everyone supports each other.  

One of the exercises is called ‘5 things’, I choose a person and they have to name 5 things on the spot – often the group will jump in to help each other find the right words.  We do a lot of memory exercises as well and the group has different levels of memory.   

When we do improv work it explores your creative side and it makes you think a little bit – you have to choose what to say and it needs to be being cohesive.  

I believe listening is actually one of the most important things you do in drama.  Lots of people hear in life but you don’t necessarily listen, it’s a good skill to practise.  

Working with a script also requires listening to what comes before and after your lines. I often chose a scene from a famous play – a comedy goes down well.  

It would be interesting in the future to explore the different life experiences of participants in a drama session. You could work around a scenario and improvise it. There sure are some stories to tell.”

Drama with Michael for the over 55’s runs every Wednesday from 10.45 AM – 12.00 PM 

Following the advice set out by government on 16th March we have sadly taken the decision to close the majority of our activities for the moment.   Our care provision for members at Millman Street will continue for now.  Our Befriending Scheme will start linking people by phone
The following activities will cease as of today
Activities for drop in members at Millman Street
Gymnastics, Taekwondo and Ballet sessions
Pottery sessions
Daily Under 5’s sessions
Media Arts Club
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Creative Communications Sessions
Carers Art Group
Over 60’s pottery and creative writing
Activities for drop in members at Millman Street
Digital Storytelling
Make and Mend group
Like many of you we are thinking hard about how to support the community over the next few months.  We will be in touch with details of what our offer looks like, how you can help and how you can get help.  In the meantime you can also join local ward based whats app and facebook groups organising support – follow this link to see how you can help