Getting Creative at HCA – David

At Holborn Community Association we run lots of art activities for everyone from 0-99+, which over 55’s member David regularly takes part.  We had a look at some of the work he’s created over the years and found out why he enjoys it: 

“I started taking photos again using my disposable camera four years ago – I’ve always enjoyed doing it, it’s like a hobby.  

I like to capture animals, things that are happening in the moment as well as things that make me laugh. 

One of David’s favourite pictures taken on his disposable camera

At the moment I take part in a pottery class at HCA, I’ve tried creative writing and poems and I also go along to the Sunday socials.  Everything I’ve done here has been amazing.

I can’t read or write – it’s good fun for me to be creative.  It occupies your mind instead of sitting about all day.  

John Soane created by David from Holborn Community Association
John Soane collage created by David

I plan to keep being creative and of course keep using my disposable camera!”

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In other news...

In other news...