About Us

What We Do 

Holborn Community Association has been a vital part of the local community for over 30 years.  Across 3 centres,we run a range of sport, play and art activities for everyone from 0-99+.  Our offer includes daily free drop in sessions for families, film making and pottery, physical activities (from taekwondo for children to table tennis for older people) and daily provision of day care for vulnerable older peopleAs well as an established volunteering programme.  Our warm, welcoming approach is based on bringing people together and learning in a fun environment – which sees us support 2500+ people per year.


Since 1989 HCA has provided sport, play, art and learning activities for everyone in our community – from Under 5’s to older people.  Our history dates back even further to the boys club of the 1920’s, the establishment of Bedford House Community Centre in 1957 and the merger with 1A Arts in 2012.  Throughout our history, we’ve worked to develop and promote grassroots development and provide accessible, affordable opportunities that reflect the needs of our community.

Our Purpose 

Our vision at Holborn Community Association is for a thriving, vibrant and inclusive local community.  Our activities and services bridge the gaps of inequality and opportunity helping everyone to be able to participate fully in the local community.  Throughout all of our work

  • We support individuals to improve their skills, confidence and well being
  • We reduce isolation
  • We bring people together – in the same places and spaces with meaningful opportunities to participate in their community

To achieve these goals we recognise we need to work in different ways to meet the needs of the many groups, cultures and individuals in our community.  That’s reflected in the broad portfolio of services we deliver supporting people from birth through to old age.

The Future 

Rebuilding The Heart Of Holborn Community Association

HCA is undertaking an ambitious capital redevelopment of our 60-year-old Bedford House Centre.  We have raised total funds of £3.4 million (the total needed for our project) and will commence work in April 2019.

The project specifically addresses Bedford House’s inability to meet the changing and growing demand of the local community. Currently, the building is in a significant state of disrepair and is inaccessible for older people and those with physical disabilities.

The outstanding new building is designed by the RIBA award-winning 6a architects and will become a distinctive feature of London, inspiring visitors with its stunning façade designed by world-class artist Caragh Thuring.  A revitalised and redeveloped Bedford House will enhance London’s public space, adding an asset to its civic infrastructure.

We are particularly keen to use the new building to foster social integration, mixing our very wide range of service users for the first time in one place and enabling both cross-cultural and intergenerational interaction. As well as expanding HCA’s entire programme of activities, especially its community engagement programmes, the new facility will open the centre up to the creative arts. The redevelopment will enable HCA to become more self-sustainable, and able to provide the vital services needed by the Holborn community.