About us

Our vision 

Holborn Community Association’s vision is for a thriving and inclusive local community in Holborn.  

At HCA we create the spaces and opportunities for individuals, groups and the wider community to thrive.  Our community spaces (three centres and multiple outreach settings across the area) are welcoming, accessible and shaped by the community.  All of those opportunities, or activities, support individuals to build their skills, confidence and overall well-being.  They reduce isolation and offer the chance to build new meaningful relationships.   Together, those approaches foster change and build a stronger community across our area.

Our community

The Holborn and Covent Garden ward in Camden is home for nearly 15,000 residents.  Situated within the heart of central London, that resident community faces pressures: social isolation, a lack of outside public space, overcrowded social housing and issues of noise and air pollution.   These sit alongside the economic and health inequalities impacting communities across inner-city areas.  Balancing those pressures are engaged and active community members who work alongside the strong business community, and the wide array of cultural and academic institutions locally to bring benefit back to the wider community.

Our programmes and activities

HCA works with over 2500 people every year, receiving one-to-one support, attending group activities and community-wide events, with over 25,000 attendances annually.  Our work is delivered across four work strands

Arts – Our art programme focuses on Arts for Children and Young People, Arts Outreach and Arts for Wellbeing.  We work across all ages and backgrounds in a range of different locations and mediums, using art to strengthen and empower our community. 

Movement – we provide spaces for our community to exercise both body and mind, with an emphasis on coming together alongside physical achievement, and improving both physical and mental health. 

Care – HCA provides day centre care for vulnerable older people, respite care for carers and families and a befriending scheme linking volunteers with isolated older people.  

Play – Our thriving under 5’s stay and play sessions bring families from across our community together to meet and play. We also run activities for children to explore their local environment through unstructured play. 

You can find out more about our current activities programme through the What’s on pages

Our work as a strategic partner

Parallel to our work with people across the area we work strategically in our role as a community anchor organisation – bringing together people and partner organisations to realise a wider benefit for the community.  That work involves hosting community-led groups and working with TRA’s to develop support and activities that residents need the most.  It means working with other local community organisations, local businesses and providers across the arts, care, movement and play sectors.  And it extends to participation in wider programmes involving health partners, early years, physical activity programmes and regeneration programmes – to bring resources to our community and make sure our work has an impact where it’s needed most.