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Becoming a supporter is rewarding, challenging and great fun!


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Latest Events

  • Free Yoga Classes for Women

    Read more

  • Taekwondo Classes

    Taekwondo Classes at Bedford House for ages 4 to 14 Read more

  • Holborn Gymnastics

    Our sessions are structured to include a pulse raising warm up, stretching and then apparatus based work. Coaches plan their sessions to ensure that all gymnasts are stimulated and challenged mentally and physically, actively being involved in the development of their skills. The Classes run on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays & Fridays for 4 - 20 Yrs Please click the links below to sign up to the classes Read more

  • Chair-based Yoga

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  • Pottery Classes

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  • Baby Gym

    Every weekday except Wednesdays from 10.00 to 12.00 We have a large space full of soft play equipment suitable for all ages from 8 months to 5 years. Children can use our wide range of toys and play with others whilst parents have a chance to meet others Read more


  • Science, Art and Poetry workshop at Millman Street

    Older people take part in Patterns and Poetry workshop at our Millman Street Centre Read more

  • Under 5's Eid Celebration at Bedford House

    We had a wonderful Under 5's Eid celebration lunch at Bedford House! Plenty of food, arts and crafts activities and fun to go around! Read more

  • Open Studios at 1A

    Our annual Open Studios event, part of Children's Art Week, was held on Thursday 14th June. We had a day of activities, with sensory storytelling for nursery children in the morning and Open Studios for older children and adults in the afternoon. Read more