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Becoming a supporter is rewarding, challenging and great fun!


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Upcoming Events

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  • HCA Community Eid Celebration Lunch

    Celebrate the many cultures of our local community and join the Eid Festival celebrations at HCA! Feast on food from around the world, join in a range of activities such as henna painting, Hand massage, and much more.. Read more

Latest Events

  • Holborn Gymnastics

    Our sessions are structured to include a pulse raising warm up, stretching and then apparatus based work. Coaches plan their sessions to ensure that all gymnasts are stimulated and challenged mentally and physically, actively being involved in the development of their skills. The Classes run on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays & Fridays for 4 - 20 Yrs Please click the links below to sign up to the classes Read more

  • Media Arts Club

    Our free weekly Media Arts Club is open to all young people aged 13 – 18 years old who want to take part in exciting, hands on media arts projects. Read more

  • Pottery Classes For Children and Young People

    Read more

  • Taekwondo Classes

    Taekwondo Classes at Bedford House for ages 4 to 14 Read more