MHAW: Walking Group

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and we are sharing stories across HCA to mark it as part of our Weekend Takeover:

Our walking group has been meeting regularly since summer 2020, and is a space for local people to meet and get outdoors together. 

Due to covid restrictions our walks have so far stayed local, but we’ve incorporated local parks and canals to get close to nature and feel the benefits of moving in green spaces. (This picture was taken in the Rose Garden in Regents Park at Christmas).

All of our group members tell us what a benefit to their mental health the group brings. One of our group, Sarah, found the lockdown particularly challenging for her mental health, and was initially struggling to leave the house. After coming along to the walking groups she told us:

“The walking group helped me gain confidence to leave my flat after lockdown…I felt safe, supported and encouraged… a real light during dark times”

We’ve seen a really positive change in Sarah over the last 9 months, from initially being wary of coming, and finding it hard to be out and about, to being the first to arrive and being visibly more relaxed and happy to be out and chatting whilst walking.

For more info on what we do get in touch with us at You can also visit our activities calendar to see all our current activities.  


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