Meet Julia from the Happy Place, our mindfulness and yoga teacher

HCA this year has been delighted to partner with Julia from The Happy Place.

Julia has been volunteering her time to teach a weekly women only yoga class and a weekly meditation class for all ages.  We find out what motivates Julia to teach and the impact her classes are having for our local participants.

“I moved to London in 2016 from Sweden and I have Masters degree in Finance and Economics”. Working for 8 years in the finance department in IKEA and teaching yoga in the evenings.  Since the Summer 2018 I switched to teaching yoga more regularly.

In November 2018 I founded The Happy Place.  We are a company with a goal to spread the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness meditation to people in London by offering volunteering and affordable classes to many people.

Since the start of this year I have been running free weekly mindfulness sessions at Millman Street Community Centre and women only yoga classes at Bedford House.

“I started meditating because I was looking for tools which can help me with stress release, anxiety and depression.”

After some time of regular practice and attending longer meditation retreats and courses, I started to really feel changes for better in my own emotional well being. I want to spread the knowledge and techniques to the people of all ages so they can use mindfulness techniques in their everyday life.

As any new practice, our mindfulness classes participants first approached sessions with careful curiosity and sometimes even doubt. But after several sessions I notice they become more relaxed and comfortable. Many come to me after the sessions saying that they have started to feel the benefits in their day to day life.”

Click to view more info on our mindfulness classes for all ages and our free yoga for women

Julia’s full list of private classes taking place in Holborn, Camden Town and Wembly Park head to her or get in touch at


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In other news...