“I dance 7 days a week!”, HCA meets dancing queen Yvonne at Millman Street Community Centre

Every Wednesday at our Millman Street Community Centre HCA hosts Mary Ward Centre’s free line dancing classes for the over 55’s.

We caught up with Yvonne, a long-standing member at Millman Street (and local Camden resident) just before her Wednesday Line Dancing class to find out how dancing keeps her happy.

“I’ve been dancing on and off for about 20 years. My father was a dancer and he took me to the studio when I was 4 and I remember seeing the lights and loved it. I came from a small village and it wasn’t until we moved to a bigger town I got involved in dancing myself. I actually first tried ballroom and Latin dancing on a cruise ship 20 years ago and have been doing it ever since. I like how dancing keeps you mobile, I don’t like the stompy ones so much, but I love the electric slide.

I currently dance 7 days a week across Camden, including Latin for 2 hours on a Sunday. I have a gold star level in ballroom dancing and on a Thursday I fit in two classes! I like to dress smartly for my dancing lessons. I just had the soles repaired on my shoes, the cobbler replaces them with a special sole and it’s much better to dance with – I glide across the floor.

I am an avid cruiser and go dancing every evening when I am on a cruise. I take 12 pairs of dancing shoes with me and have 4 outfit changes throughout the day. My next cruise is on the Italian Riviera, visiting 12 ports in 23 days. And I am going to New York and Canada in June.

I feel very happy when I dance and it brings out the endorphins. I heard a Dr say forget the gym and go dancing. It’s fun in a group if I miss a session people ask where I am and it’s nice. I wake up every morning and think this is a new adventure and a new day.”

Our Line Dancing Classes takes place every Wednesday at 4.00 pm at our Millman Street Community Centre at 50 Millman Street, WC1N 3QW.  For more information give us a call on 020 74052 370 or email admin@holborncommunity.co.uk

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In other news...