#HCAVolunteers – Jane from Millman Street Community Centre

 Jane hosts (alongside Gloria) a weekly knitting group at Millman Street on a Wednesday morning, plus doing some post-crocheting Ping Pong playing!  Here she shares what motivates her to volunteer.

“I have been volunteering with HCA for a couple of years. I lived in Lambs Conduit street for 24 years, so knew what they did here.   I was a trustee here for a while but decided to give it up because of my deafness.  

I volunteer each week helping to run the knitting group.  People come along and do different types of knitting for an hour.  I am in the process of making a cardigan and crocheting a shawl with one of the other members.  

I also play table tennis with some of the other members – I think we are fairly evenly matched in our ping pong skills!  We do it for about five or ten minutes – neither of us is very fit and it’s just a bit of fun. 

By coming to Millman Street it gets me out the flat, I like the people and I am very fond of the ladies who do the knitting.  I enjoy being with them.  

I remember when I trained to be a speech and language therapist years ago, one of the lecturers asked us ‘why do you want to be a therapist?’, most of the group said it was because they wanted to ‘do good’.  The lecturer replied ‘it’s important you get something good out of it for yourselves to’. I think that applies to me coming here – I think volunteering certainly does me good.”

To find out more about older people services follow this link. If you are interested in volunteering at HCA click here.





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