Carmen from Under 5’s #activeHCA

Our under 5’s drop-in sessions for parent’s / carers is free and open all year round and a great place to be active.  We chatted to Carmen our under 5’s Coordinator to find out more.   


Carmen Allen HCA Under 5's

“Our under 5’s has been running for 36 years and I have been running it for 32 years. I’ve been a part of soft play for so long I now have mothers coming to me when they attended themselves when they were children – so we must be doing something right!

A lot of our parents live in central London where accommodation is on the smaller side.  The move to Holborn Library has worked great as now we have a large soft play space for children to run around in developing their large motor skills.  Plus our stay & play room to develop our fine motor skills.  

Through coming here a lot of our children move on to take part in other activities happening at HCA.  Like our gymnastics, taekwondo and dance classes for 4 years and upwards.    

I’ve also noticed over the last 3 or 4 years we have more fathers drop in with their children which is brilliant.  

The children love the soft play equipment.  We have gym mats on the floor, a crash mat, large soft blocks, a slide and a tunnel to name a few, we see the children grow from crawling to climbing to walking to running! 

I believe it is important for children to have the freedom to express themselves through play and interact with the other children.  Here they can build confidence in a relaxed environment and get them ready for more formal settings like nursery or school.

We host a lot of events throughout the year which are a big hit with families, as well as partnership work with organisations.  We are really excited for the Barbican Blocks residency this October! ”  

Click here to find out more info about our free under 5’s drop-in sessions.  Click here for more info on #activeHCA.     


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