South Asian Dance at Millman Street #activeHCA

South Asian Dance classes at HCA 2019This Autumn Millman Street is hosting Akademi, who are running 24 weeks of dance and movement workshops inspired by South Asian dance forms including Kathak and Bollywood.

Akademi is the UK’s leading producer of South Asian dance, taking dance to the dance to the heart of the community, offering life-affirming experiences for those who are disadvantaged, disengaged or isolated.

Learning and Participation Manager Claire Farmer says “we will be challenging participants to create their own choreography, as well as learning mudras and some Bollywood moves. Working together in this way helps to build new friendships and develop greater confidence, as well as improving physical fitness.”

Akademi worked with Holborn Community Association in 2017 for the Bollywood for All intergenerational project, which culminated in a wonderful performance at Senate House as part of Bloomsbury Festival. 

The classes help to increase mobility, physical fitness, social cohesion, creativity and psychological wellness.  The classes encourage people of all ages to take part in physical activity, as well as exploring their creativity and different cultures. 

So far the classes have been a hit:  

“I do lots of Ball room & Latin dance. I have seen Indian dancing on television, parties and on cruises, so I wanted to give it a go. I am very keen on exercising – I don’t like to be a couch potato.”  Yevonne – 82yrs

“This South Asian dance class is now part of my keep fit programme. I also do Tai Chi and Yoga, exercise classes at Millman Street.” Stephanie – 85yrs

“I enjoyed every minute of it” – Anon 

“I feel that I’ve exercised every part of my body, even my fingers!” – Anon 

Click here for more info on #activeHCA.  You can check out some of the dance moves from the first class on our facebook page.  


In other news...

In other news...