Volunteers’ Week: Leto

Over the years we’ve had some wonderful University Students at HCA who’ve volunteered with us thanks to UCL Volunteering.

Leto is no exception and took on her volunteering role during a pandemic all done over zoom supporting our STEM club Street Engineers Project.  Here she shares her experience:

Volunteering with Street Engineers has been a wonderful experience! I would recommend it to anyone who is enthusiastic about STEM subjects and likes being around children. This experience opened my mind to the different ways an individual approaches a problem, the importance of cultivating creativity for problem-solving, and how children’s curiosity in STEM subjects can easily be sparked when they participate in projects that affect their daily lives. I love how this club gives children the initiative to choose their own projects and how learning is encouraged through challenges, collaboration, and play which are essential tools for their future. Lastly, this club gives children the ability to see themselves as future changemakers in their communities and beyond!

To find out more about our volunteering opportunities email admin@holborncommunity.co.uk


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