Volunteers’ Week: Befriending

Our longstanding Befriending Scheme didn’t stop during lockdown. Many of our matches turned to technology to keep the conversations going.  Volunteer Laura shares with us how it was for her:

“I feel very lucky to have met Trisha when I did.  We met in December 2019, two or three times before the lockdown happened, for tea. I also met her lovely dogs Evie and Leroy who were just getting used to me when the pandemic happened. Luckily we managed to keep the communication going during the lockdown, talking on Facebook Messenger through Trisha’s Portal, and Whatsapp. I gave her advice on phone apps and setting up social media and we shared photos of birds in the garden, grown-out haircuts and brownies. Although we have not seen each other face to face in over a year I feel I have made a lifelong friend and am looking forward to catching up with her in the summer over a cup of tea.”

Throughout the first lockdown and tiers, local Holborn residents Jacqui and Tim have been supporting Sevilla with telephone calls and practical help:

“We were very happy to visit Sevilla during the lockdown. We would chat on the phone and pop round with any groceries and check in to see if there was anything she might need. It was nice for us to get out of the house and to get to know someone so we got a lot out of it too. It’s good to get a fresh perspective on things and see things from someone else’s point of view. I’d recommend door step help to anyone who’s not sure, you have more time than you think and it’s a really nice thing to do.”

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