HCA Walking Group

Over the past 10 months our walking group have made their way around the 78 mile Capital Ring walk, and this weekend will be finishing the circle ending up back in Woolwich. 

We’ve supported 32 people to explore different sections of London, from Richmond to Highate, Woolwich to Wembley. Through rain and shine the group has grown into a supportive, chatty and fun activity (always with plenty of cakes and snacks to share!).

Most of our walkers weren’t confident in heading out for longer walks, or travelling to new places in London, before they joined the group. Many are now much more confident and are regularly heading out on their own, or in smaller groups to explore outside of the walking groups.

As we make it back to Woolwich this weekend to complete the circle we wanted to share some of the highlights of our walks, check out some of the things we found along the way below.

This isn’t the end for our walking group, and from April we’ll be beginning our next challenge, walking parts of the Thames Path. If you’d like to join us get in touch!

Email hazel.east@holborncommunity.co.uk for more info


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In other news...

In other news...