HCA Gym Squad Excell at Competition




We had a marvellous weekend on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st April. Our HCA Squad Gymnasts participated in a competiton:

Catleaps Gymnastics Invitational Competiton, held in Redbridge. Eleven girls took part and did amazingly well – all being placed 2nd – 5th in their categories. Needless to say the weekend was a roaring success. We are so proud of you all!


A huge congratulations and well done to:

Sofia, Gabriella, Aona, Maylee, Olivia, Kamilla, Georgia-Rose, Leanna, Latika
, especially; Angelamaria – achieved highest Vault score & Clara – achieved highest Floor score.

Results below:

ANGELAMARIA  –   2nd Place with vault trophy (highest vault score)

CLARA  –   3rd Place floor trophy (highest floor score)

KAMILLA  –   2nd Place

AONA  –   3rd Place

LATIKA  –   3rd Place

MAYLEE  –   3rd Place

OLIVIA  –   3rd Place

SOFIA  –   4th Place

GEORGIA-ROSE  –   4th Place

GABRIELLA  –   5th Place

LEANNA  –   5th Place



We look forward to the next competition!


In other news...

In other news...