HCA Food Explorers celebrating food in our community

Holborn Community Association has been inviting our local community to cook, eat and share food together as part of our ‘Food Explorers’ workshops, celebrating the diversity of the food cooked in the local area. 

Running every Monday for 6 weeks we have been inviting local foodies to share their favourite recipes with us with a welcoming group from our community.

We kicked off our first week with Chef Ruma hosting ‘Recipes from a Bangali Ma’, sharing her Grandma’s recipes of tilapia fish kabob & suji ki barfi.

Participant Angela commented  “it was beautiful and wonderful and should be continued! Ruma cooked her Grandma’s recipes and it was delicious.  I had never tried that kind of food before from Bangladesh” 

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For our second session, local resident Jade made Vietnamese Doughnuts.  She told us she doesn’t cook much anymore as she lives on her own but thought this was a brilliant opportunity to share with others her favourite national dish.    

The doughnuts brought up different childhood memories for our guests with one participant in his 70’s commenting he used to buy very similar doughnuts from a special market in China when he was a child and hadn’t tried them in a very long time, with another saying “oh gosh it’s so nice! It tastes exactly like how my mother used to make it back home”.

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This week Chef Mewish and Yasmeen shared their families secret biryani recipe from Pakistan with 20 people learning the traditional recipe from scratch.  With top tips like how to do perfect layering, the importance of good colours and how to garnish the dish with nuts and spices for that special touch. 

Lots of our guests had never tried it before, asking lots of questions about the spices used, with one quoting “it is so full of flavour and it is more complex than just being spicy”.



















Why not join us for our next food explorer adventure? 

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