Food Explorers has a Pakora Party!

Our penultimate Food Explorer saw chef San from Thenga Cafe make Pakoras at Millman Street, turning it into an informal birthday celebration for a special person. 

When our over 55’s member Louise told us earlier on in the day she was spending her birthday alone we invited her to stay for the evening’s Food Explorers to celebrate with us.  

Our brilliant Food Explorers quickly turned it into a Pakora birthday party! Singing Louise happy birthday whilst she cut into a Pakora.  Our guest also wrote on the back of a paper plate birthday their wishes to her.  

We still got on with lots of cooking amongst the good wishes and jokes, with one of the ladies telling us she had been apprehensive of frying for quite a few years but now felt confident to make her own Pakoras.  

On our way out in preparation for next weeks final Food Explorers celebratory event at Thenga Cafe, we walked to the venue together (so we all knew where we were going) on our way home.  

Food Explorers is a weekly six-week cooking session celebrating the diversity of the food cooked in the local area, inviting local foodies to share their favourite recipes with us with a welcoming group from our community.

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In other news...

In other news...