Air quality survey

Air Quality Survey Great Ormond Street

Air quality survey

How things will be different 

As we all try to work out what the new normal is we can say for certain lots of things will be different. There is a sense that people want change for the better in their communities.

As part of that, we want to highlight the work of those leading the change on issues that matter to them (and you).  First up is Air quality …

Air quality survey 

Air quality has come up again and again as an issue that worries many of us in Holborn and the surrounding areas.  During COVID-19 there has been a reduction in air pollution in central London and there is an opportunity to push for this to continue.

A group of local residents are seeking views from a wide number of people living or working in the areas close to Great Ormond Street about air quality.

Rachel Escott, a local resident has created a survey to get a sense of what people consider the most important issues around air quality, working with a group of local residents living or working in the areas close to Great Ormond Street.

To take part in the 5-10 minute survey click here.  Rachel and others are also working with UCL to hold focus groups on the issue – get in touch at if you’d like to take part.