Zooming into Christmas with Alchemmy at Millman Street

This December many of our usual festive activities hosted in partnership with local organisations have been paused.  However, this didn’t stop us from putting together a special virtual Christmas quiz in partnership with local business Alchemmy.

We spoke with Mashinder from the team to find out how the event went: 

Alchemmy as a business like many have changed to working remotely during COVID-19.  Our office is based in High Holborn and every year we host a festive event in our community.  Whilst we couldn’t do this in person this year we approached HCA to do a Christmas Quiz at Millman Street, joining the over 55’s daycare centre members virtually.  

The hour and a half event saw 5 staff members take part in different quiz rounds.  I was the quiz host, we had a charades round, guess the lyrics, dingbats round, guess who and guess the lyrics.  The HCA staff were great in setting up the tech so every table was matched with an iPad with their virtual team member and we had a loudspeaker so everyone could hear what was going on.  

Alchemy provided the prizes and we got creative, the chocolate reindeer poop got a good laugh! 

We would love to do something again with HCA.  As a business, it’s important for us to help local communities and suppliers as much as possible.  A thank you to HCA for their willingness to help make this event happen this year.” 


Thank you to Alchemmy for joining us for our festive quiz! To find out more about what HCA is doing to support our community during COVID-19 watch our Community Response Appeal.



In other news...

In other news...