‘Londoners’, Don’t Be A Sheep In The Herd


We are delighted to present to you ‘Londoners’, a short documentary film produced by talented young filmmaking team REV0LUTI0N PR0DUCTI0NS on our Summer Film Project in partnership with Somerset House. 

This powerful film challenges misconceptions and celebrates the diverse individual and collective identity of a group of young Londoners, through first-hand interviews and a visual montage of experimental, archive and personal footage. 

From June-August 2019, a group of 13-18-year-olds learnt from our professional filmmakers to conceptualise, shoot and edit their own film exploring Identity, inspired by the major exhibition, ‘Get Up Stand Up Now’, at Somerset House which celebrated the past 50 years of Black creativity in Britain and beyond.

The group adopted all key roles needed on a professional film shoot, gained their Bronze and Silver Arts Awards and also had the fantastic opportunity to participate in masterclasses led by exhibiting artist and Somerset House Studios resident Rhea Storr as well as resident film company Dartmouth Films to inspire their film-making journey.

‘Londoners’ is a winner of the “London Spirit Award” for the London Rocks International Film Festival 2020. The film as available to watch online for a festival audience and was screened at Whirled Cinema as part of the festival on 31st October, and has received over 1000 views through its distribution on Youtube and over the festival. 

Additionally, although not selected for inclusion in the London X4 – Seasonal Short Film Festival (Spring 2020) the judges awarded Londoners with a status of ‘Special Mention’.

So far, the film has been incredibly well-received by its audiences, providing an authentic voice on what it means to be a young Londoner today.

We are thrilled that since this collaboration, some of the team are continuing to work together to develop a new project, (a horror movie) which they recently presented at a scratch night for new writers.

Find out more about our free Digital Media Project for children and young people here, funded by BBC Children in Need and John Lyon’s Charity.



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