Half Term Trip to Somerset House

Young People’s Trip to Somerset House

As part of our digital media project, 1A Arts took a group of 11-16 yr olds to see the Good Grief Charlie Brown!exhibition at Somerset House.  They also took part in an exciting workshop with one of the professional artists in the exhibition.

Artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez worked with our group of young people, who participated in a hands-on placard making and augmented reality workshop.  It encouraged participants to think about how they might broadcast their thoughts and feelings to a global audience.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! showcases archive material, historical artefacts and contemporary artworks inspired by the Peanuts comic strips. Through these objects the exhibition explores how Charles Schulz’s creations responded to the world around him and the legacy of his work.

Feedback from the trips included, “the workshop made me feel happy because I could express my creativity and it was nice working with lots of kind people” and “it was inspiring and it made me feel happy because I am a big fan of Charles Shultz and peanuts”.

Our digital media inspired Trips Out expose young people to exciting local cultural centres, giving them a chance to experience new artistic and digital activities and events, meet new people and most importantly have fun.

Sessions are free and are kindly supported by BBC Children in Need & John Lyon’s Charity

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Stay tuned for upcoming trips for Easter Holidays and May bank holiday or contact 1aarts@holborncommunity.co.uk for more information


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