Qi Gong 18+ Beginner Friendly

What is Qi Gong?

– It’s a moving meditation using simple, graceful and flowing movements

– It is very similar to tai chi and means ‘energy exercise’

– Movement developed in China over 3000 years ago and still practiced around the world today

Each class begins with a gentle warm up of the body, followed by the teaching and flow of the movements.

Qi Gong benefits:
– Helps ease anxiety/stress
– Remove knots out of your body
– Looking to quieten your mind
– You find sitting still or traditional meditation difficult

You may obtain:
– Increased strength, energy and a focused mind
– Improved balance, stamina and flexibility. Classes are based on the seasons and our our connection with nature.
What else do I need to know?
– No special equipment required, no mats, no weights. There is no sitting, chanting or difficult poses involved
– Beginners and all ages warmly welcomed
– Only loose comfortable clothing required
-Bring water
We aim to be all inclusive and accessible to all. If you need wheelchair/life access, please call us beforehand.
Provided by Camden Adult Community Learning.

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