Doorstep Help

What is Doorstep help?

During the Covid-19 pandemic we are working together with other local organisations to offer as much support as we can to those in our community who are self isolating, shielding, or are unable to leave their house.

Our Doorstep Help service can help with the following:


Who can we help:

Our Doorstep Help service aims to respond to as many requests to support as possible. If you, or someone you know, are:

You may be eligible for support. 

How to get help?

Please get in touch with us in the first instance by emailing to let us know what support you, or someone you know, need.

We will then look at either matching you with one of our team, or sign posting to a more suitable local organisation who can provide support. 

What if I would like to volunteer?

We are very grateful to everyone who has signed up to support with Doorstep Help so far. If you live in Camden and would like to help, please sign up here.

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