Celebrating Carers Week 2021

We’re celebrating Carers Week this year with a look back at the fantastic artwork and creativity of our weekly Carers Art Group over the past two years. 

Our tutor, Richard, has kindly put together a slideshow of work (and works in progress) to show some of the highlights from our talented group.


Francesca, a regular member of the group for the past year, tells us below why the group is so important to her, and what makes it special:

“I joined the Carers Art Group in January 2020 and started to feel the benefits of attending the weekly appointments straight away.

Hazel, Richard and the participants were all very welcoming and helped me feel accepted and integrated. From the very beginning I noticed the learning provided in the space was of high quality and accessible to everybody within their capabilities and knowledge. 

Little did I know I would discover a true passion in the year to come. With plenty of encouragement and support I kept going regularly to these weekly sessions, using this time as a “me time”, an opportunity to nurture, relax, and care about myself.

Group support

We supported each other throughout the past year. It personally helped me to feel optimistic about the future. I also developed more confidence in choices on artistic level and a great curiosity to learn more. The Group has really been a fantastic support to me and my family during the last year.

Especially with the second lockdown and the ongoing limitations in our lives and in travelling abroad to visit my family I have felt increasingly frustrated and isolated. It has been great to stay connected with others and realise that we were all having challenges in one form or another .

This group helped me to navigate very personal challenging times and provided a safe and inspiring container to explore positively my emotional and mental wellbeing. I felt really appreciated and supported. Rooted within a likeminded group of people, I became more aware of myself and others and with a deep sense of belonging.”

To find out more about our Carer’s Group email hazel.east@holborncommunity.co.uk


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