Regeneration Vloggers at Bedford House

Regeneration Vloggers at Bedford House

Written by young person Mia

This May HCA hosted their first Regeneration Vloggers session inside Bedford House with a group of young people.

HCA is undertaking an ambitious capital redevelopment of our 60-year-old Bedford House Centre.  The project specifically addresses Bedford House’s inability to meet the changing and growing demand of the local community. Currently, the building is in a significant state of disrepair and is inaccessible for older people and those with physical disabilities. The redevelopment will be taking place from now until the next year 2020.

The #regenvlog group will meet monthly to tell the story of the redevelopment using our digital media skills, storytelling and create first-hand interviews with staff, local people and the team behind the build.   

It was my first time in the building and I was amazed at how big it was, but the space is definitely ready for redevelopment! Since 1920, Bedford House has hosted loads of activities, clubs and social events for the local community.  Activities, such as our well-loved soft play sessions, have now found a temporary home in Holborn Library.

Watch my 1-minute tour of Bedford House below:

We also planned our schedule for the upcoming 3 months:  

  • In June we are going to get ‘satisfying and smashy’ and get old parts of the building to dismantle (i.e. smash!).
  • In July we are focusing on interviews with staff as the building work kicks off and get their memories about Bedford House.  
  • In August we are getting a sneak peek into how the build is going so far and what the building team are up too.  

You can follow our story on our Instagram @ReGenerationvloggers and on our YouTube channel.