Our Time Volunteering at HCA

Our Time Volunteering at HCA

We (Amber and Eve) spent 5 months volunteering at Holborn Community Association. In this time we were given multiple opportunities to do a wide variety of tasks. Initially, we were nervous to begin our work experience. However the warm and welcoming atmosphere helped us settle in very quickly.

I (Eve) am currently studying English, Politics and Spanish A-levels. I am not entirely sure what career path I want to go down. But spending time at the centre has given me an interest in marketing. This has given me a little more of an idea of what I could potentially do.
My (Amber’s) A-levels are Art, Maths and Geography and is leaning towards a career path in Law. My experience here has helped me develop skills in teamwork and time management.

Our Main Projects:

Our first project was to write a news story on our experience at the pottery class for 6- to 12-year-olds. This was an exciting way to start us off at the organisation. It also gave us a good sense of what it’s all about. Our initial experience here let us understand better the warm and friendly environment here at Holborn Community Association.

Our second big project was to start a marketing campaign for the Londoners film, which was produced by young people on their Summer Film Project 2019. This included making promotional videos, creating Instagram posts and maintaining their social media accounts. Our goal for this campaign was to get from 148 to 500 views on the film. We both did and surpassed this, having around 564 right now. To do this we had to get creative. We had the idea to create screenshots from the film and incorporate our favourite Londoners quotes into the post. This created a very engaging format which, from what we have seen, was as successful as we could have hoped. Running and accomplishing this campaign gave us a brand new experience. It illustrated the different techniques and steps that go into advertising. This will be extremely useful in our coming lives and careers.

Our Smaller Projects:

Along with these ongoing projects, we also had some smaller tasks to complete as well. This ranged from putting addresses onto envelopes to designing flyers and posters as well as creating Facebook events. Having this mix of bigger and smaller tasks gave us a useful insight into how volatile working life can be. However, we did encounter some challenges. For example, working out how to navigate through government websites and deciding the best posting times for optimum public engagement. These challenges pushed and motivated us to find the most efficient techniques. This ultimately gave us a sense of achievement and enabled us to learn new useful skills.

Overall, we are so grateful for the opportunity we have had here. We have gained invaluable administrative and communicative skills which will prove useful in future. Many other workplaces aspire to the warm and supportive atmosphere that this centre has. This makes it such a pleasure to be a part of. Furthermore, it has given us useful insight into how it is to be in a professional work environment.

Would we recommend the experience?:

We would definitely recommend working here to anyone. Especially those wanting to help out the local community or to experience a wide range of fields in one place. We are so thankful for this valuable experience.