Gymflex (5-8 Yrs) digital and physical gymnastics sessions

Gymflex returns!

We have a great new combined digital and physical programme ready for you and your child to take part in.

Although our sessions won’t be able to cover gymnastics in the same way, we’ll focus on some core areas alongside some fun activities over the 13 weeks, starting 21st September 2020. We’ve tried to answer any questions you might have but feel free to drop us a line if there’s anything we’ve missed.  Please email us at

  • If you sign up for your child(ren) HCA will meet the cost of British Gymnastics membership – that covers children’s participation from an insurance point of view and is valid for 1 year.
  • We will provide some resource packs and each child will get a ‘spot’ to use as part of the sessions.
  • Sessions will be live for 2 age groups (4pm for 5-8 year olds 5pm for 9-11 year olds).
  • Sessions will be weekly, starting on Monday 21st September and Tuesday 22nd September and finishing on Monday 14th December and Tuesday 15th
  • The Monday sessions will be digital to join in at home and the Tuesday sessions will be physical session at the Club, YMCA One KX, Cromer Street.
  • Each new week the groups will swap days so that everyone gets to do both digital and physical. So if you do a digital on week 1 Monday you will do the physical on week 2 Tuesday and back to the digital on week 3 Monday and so on.
  • Sessions will led by coaches from the club and last 30-45 mins depending on activity.
  • There is a fee of £2.00 per session, payable in advance for the 13 weeks. Please email us at if you wish to discuss any aspect of payment further.
  • We’re working on a set of sessions for squad members as well – we’ll be in touch.
  • We are aware that not everyone is lucky enough to have the digital resources available to take part.  If that applies to you please get in touch and HCA will try to support you to access resources to support your child’s physical activity. Please email us at


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