Free Artist Talk with Mehrdad Seyf From 30 Bird

An award-winning performance company, 30 Bird create interdisciplinary performance projects, often designed for non-theatrical spaces and toured nationally and internationally to theatres, festivals, cinemas and sometimes across whole cities. We have tackled a variety of subjects: WWII and the journey of Polish captives of war from Poland to Siberia to Iran and then to the rest of the world; the relationship between science and our homes; cleaning, feminism and the role of men in keeping a house tidy; sex change operations; Insomnia; and we have co-created Borderline Estate Agents to promote neglected public spaces in our cities in the face of the land-bank onslaught. As well as presenting a number of our projects, we will be looking at how we can work with members of the Holborn Community Association and the Central St Martin’s students to create a participatory interdisciplinary performance that captures the details and essence of the Association.

About Mehrdad Seyf Mehrdad is Artistic Director of 30 Bird, a Cambridge based interdisciplinary performance company. He is a writer, director and an artist and his work has toured nationally and internationally. He also creates site-specific work collaborating with visual artists, architects, dancers, archaeologists and scientists. His theatre credits include The Parable of the Blind, Death By Heroine, Majnoun, The Persian Revolution, Plastic (Nominated for Total Theatre Award), Chodzenie-Siberia, Poland 3 Iran 2 (Winner of Best of Fringe), 14 Tables, Domestic Labour: a study in love, Home in the Service of Science (a one year residency at the MRC Laborartory of Molecular Biology). His latest interdisciplinary project, Borderline Estate Agents, is commissioned by The Wellcome Collection.

Mehrdad is a PhD research student at Anglia Ruskin University and a visiting professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama at The Barbican.

The talk is part of our Knowledge Exchange with Central St Martins Architecture students on situated drawings and performance project.  The project involves students meeting with our local community, observing our projects and learning more about what we do, before creating a short performative piece of work at the end of May.
We would love you to come along and find out more, please get in touch for more info on 02074052370 (option 3) and feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested.

TUESDAY 14th MAY 2019 at 18.30

Bedford House
Community Centre
35 Emerald Street
London WC1N 3QW


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