Community outreach activities

Our project connects the successful part of our community with the most marginalised, increasing community cohesion, improving quality of life for people who are struggling to be heard, allowing people from diverse background to take part in multicultural events & activities.

We regularly consult members of our local community to identify local needs and at the same time work with other local organisations, service providers and businesses to develop services tailor made for meeting these needs. We run activities such as Advice & Information, Home Visit for housebound people, language support (limited languages) for those who cant understand or speak English and other learning activities to improve the quality of life for local people.

 Our activities include

  • Home Visit for housebound people who need Advice & Information
  • Physical exercise classes for Women
  • Community based language class.
  • “Get in Learning” activities such as Cake Decoration, Card Making, Henna Painting, Crochet & Knitting etc.
  • STEM & Homework Support Projects for children.
  • Organise Day Events to celebrate local culture.