On Monday, 1A Arts brought together a group of local children for a unique creative workshop to explore science through art and poetry.  Held at the October Gallery, poet Aoife Mannix, artist Tom Cross and scientists from the Crick ran the event.  
The workshop got its inspiration from the new The Deconstructing Patterns exhibition held at the Crick's Gallery.  The exhibition also features a short film made by young filmmakers from 1A Art's project at Holborn Community Association.      
The children spent some time exploring the October Gallery space and then took part in a workshop which got them writing their poems and creating their artwork based on the questions; what makes humans amazing, what makes science amazing and what makes US amazing.  
"Thank you for this workshop; it was lovely and amazing!" - Alex, a workshop participant 
"I've never seen them speak like this before" - Francis, playworker from Corams Fields supporting the group.
The Francis Crick Institute also held a science, art and poetry workshop back in July for older people at HCA's Millman Street.  The Francis Crick Institute is home to 1,300 research scientists who are improving our understanding of human health and disease. 
A big thanks to the Francis Crick Institute for running the workshop, as well as the October Gallery for hosting and Coram's Fields playworkers for bringing the children over to participate.