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Public Meeting 8th June 2016 @ Millman Street Resource Centre.

For full details please see the information leaflet >>


We have launched our Holborn Neighbourhood Forum website.


Find out what we are about, join the forum and support the community in making a Neighbourhood Plan for Holborn. You'll find an important on-line survey on the website. Do review our draft constitution and the proposed boundary map (final decision is with Camden Council) before you head over to the short on-line survey.

Here the link to the website:


Also check out the summary notes from the Holborn Neighbourhood Forum public meeting held in March at the Blemundusbury TRA Hall.


There was a lively discussion about the Holborn Neighbourhood Plan constitution as well as the boundry rational. We also got a sneak preview of the amazing new website and discussed the upcoming resident survey we have in the works.


Stay tuned for news of our first AGM and exiting new developments in Holborn's Neighbourhood Plan.


Please join us and share how you would like to see Holborn in the future and to find out how we can shape our future more locally.

Please help spread the word amongst family, friends, and neighbours in Holborn.
















Summary of the March 17 2016 Public Meeting


Holborn Neighbourhood Boundry Project PDF


Summary of the February 4th meeting


Visual minutes of the first three meetings


October 1st meeting at Conway Hall


Summary of the first public meeting - please click here >


A summary of the second meeting


And the visual minutes


Have a look at our new Our Holborn blog and tell us what you think.


Visit the Our Holborn page of the Commonplace website


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